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Liquid Black Pepper Extract 7.5ml

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Transform the way of you cook with essentia liquid spice range.

Prepare your meals or beverages without any confusion on ingredients. Just 3 steps to follow.

Shake, Squeeze and Mix

Essentia’s all-natural liquid spice Black Pepper extract is an easiest way to spice up your food and beverages with the distinct flavor and aroma of natural Ceylon Black Pepper.

Our Black pepper extract can be used to flavor a variety of foods including health drinks, Soups, curries, Salads, biriyani, baked foods and desserts.

Black Pepper is greatly beneficial to regulate blood sugar level, cancer fighting properties, lower cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Manufactured and Bottled in Sri Lanka


Liquid black pepper extract, derived from the black peppercorn, is a concentrated form of black pepper that is often used as a seasoning or flavoring agent in culinary applications. While it is primarily used for its taste and aroma, black pepper extract may also offer some potential benefits. However, it's important to note that scientific research in this area is limited, and individual results may vary. Here are some potential benefits associated with liquid black pepper extract

Regulate blood sugar, promote brain health, lower cholesterol levels, Promote gut health, boost absorption of nutrients.

Direction of Use

  1. Shake well before each use.
  2. Add 3 drops (0.15 ML) of our bottle directly into your curry (250g) after preparation and mixed well.
  3. Could be served hot or cold.
  4. Our ingredients do not contain added sugar.
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Liquid Black Pepper Extract 7.5ml